YNYTT Residential Training (Phase 2)
Join us at the YNYTT Residential Training (Phase 2).
Yoganurse Yoga Teacher Training
How to Apply?
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If you are here, it means you are ready for Phase 2 YogaNurse Yoga Teacher Training (YNYTT).

Prerequisites: You must be enrolled for Phase One YNYTT (Online Digital Training Phase) OR you must have an invite from the YogaNurse team to apply for this phase.

Limited Space: there are limited spaces available in the Residential Phase of the training. We will review your application and respond within two weeks to let you know if you’ve been accepted. Should we run out of space, we will consider your application for the next round of training.

Sensitive details: some of the information requested may be sensitive. We will treat this information with the respect and privacy it deserves.

Please email us should you have any concerns about this application. We will gladly help you through it.

IMPORTANT TIP: Although we do our best to ensure everything will go smoothly, things can go wrong while filling out long forms. Example: your browser could crash. To save you the frustration of retyping everything, please type out your longer answers in a word document or notepad and save frequently. You can then copy and paste your answers into the form fields without fear of losing the info you’ve typed.


Residential Training - Phase Two - YNYTT