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I’m so happy to share free access to this course with you. A labor of love and heart and one of our bestselling courses internationally. This course usually sells for $187 but is valued much higher by the many nurses who have found it improving their health and their careers. 

My hope is that it will bring you greater peace, love and courage through the pandemic. 

Bowing to you for your courageous, conscious, caring, and sacred service to humanity in our time of need.

The YogaNurse mission is to create a global army of modern nightingales, YogaNurse Yoga Teachers, to expand consciousness in health care; relieve stress, anxiety, pain and suffering and create health, peace and wisdom for nurses and all whom they serve. 

If you would like to help the growth of the Yoganurse Movement please donate any amount you wish.

Your presence here is enough but if you feel like supporting our movement and mission, we appreciate your donation as it allows us to continue expanding consciousness in healthcare.

If you’re excited to get started right away, head over to the my courses tab and get right into it! Remember to join the Facebook pages (see the community tab for info)!


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Inside the Academy: YogaNursing Making Waves!
Here's the latest going on in the YogaNurse Community and Movement.

ICC: More nurses are interested in the YogaNursing Model of Care than ever before.

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AHNA “Beginnings” magazine features the story of how YogaNursing Began…

From humble beginnings and a life filled with a variety of joy, triumph, vigor, hardships, pain and suffering, a movement was born – YogaNursing and the YogaNurse Model of Care. It was through the struggles in my life that I found my true calling. I was inspired by my son Julian, nurses, yoga teachers and leaders in holistic medicine to create YogaNursing. It began as a simple concept and over the years it took a…

CYN Damaris Maria will be speaking at 68th Annual Conference on World Affairs

We are proud to say that one of our first Certified Yoganurses, Damaris Maria G, RN, BSN, CYN, HNB-BC, will be speaking at the 68th Annual Conference of World Affairs! The Conference on World Affairs is an annual spring event that brings ideas and inspiration to the CU-Boulder campus through panel discussions featuring a variety of subjects with speakers from around the world. A committee of student and community volunteers select returning participants as well…

CYN, Susan Turnage teaches the secrets of YogaNursing in Winston-Salem

After completing the Yoganursing Essentials eCourse, the next step is to become a Certified Yoganurse like RN Susan Turnage did. It opens up new, rewarding career opportunities and allows you to teach the extended in-depth program and spread the practice of YogaNursing to other nurses around the world. You can help bring peace and self-care to other nurses too. Recently Susan Turnage, RN and qualified CYN (Certified YogaNurse) – taught the FULL YogaNursing 10 HOUR Program…

YogaNursing and Mayo Clinic joins forces…

BIG NEWS from CYN Kelly Johnson. This is what she shared re YOGANURSING AT MAYO CLINIC. “YogaNursing and Mayo Clinic Florida joined forces today…I was blessed to teach 175 nurses the basics of the Sacred Remedy in 15 minute sessions! Loved watching their faces as they awoke from Sacred Rest and didn’t want to get up!! Creating a global army of modern nightingales!! Looking forward to Friday and another opportunity to expand consciousness in healthcare!!” #yoganursing We worked…

Certified YogaNurses are Getting Recognition!

It’s amazing what’s out there on the internet…just happened on this article from NursingCalling.com CERTIFIED YOGA NURSE as a nursing job featured on this nursing site. It’s a good omen for you and our mission. Read the article. Get Your Free Download

Yoga Nursing in the Community

Certified Yoga Nurse™ Kerry Churchill enjoyed connecting with fellow nurses and healthcare providers at an “Evening of Holistic Healing Awareness” event, sponsored by the Kentucky-Indiana Chapter of the American Holistic Nurses Association.     Get Your Free Download

Yoga Nurses having fun healing!

Certified Yoga Nurse, Damaris Maria (RN) says “Thank you to all the nurses. I had a blast!” Nurses getting healthy and whole with a leading CYN in our community, Damaris Maria.     Get Your Free Download