The YogaNursing Essentials Training – Relaunched!
Nurses, you CAN rehabilitate your career, passion, energy + income!
Be a Modern Day Nightingale
A Holistic Nursing Adjunct Tx
without stress, anxiety, pain and suffering
Dear Conscious Caring Nurse,

It’s probably no coincidence that you are here on this page right now. I can almost feel your pain. The journey you are on is a familiar one to me. You are seeking an enlightened way forward in your nursing career. 

I GET IT. I know how it feels to be tired, exhausted with nursing. I listen to nurses cry all the time. I cried too! I was ever seeking a solution. Stress, Anxiety, Pain and Suffering is felt by nurses all around the world who are desperately looking to inject passion back into their careers without the burnout.

You probably already know how detrimental burnout can be not only for the patients but for the nursing profession as a whole. I was that nurse too. My name is Annette Tersigni RN (Ter-sea- knee ), certified yoga teacher,  wellness crusader and founder of YogaNurse® and the YogaNurse Model Of Care.

THEN in 1996, while studying Ayurveda with Dr. Deepak Chopra, I had a VISION…

I saw a new conscious, enlightened nurse – who united the ancient wisdom of yoga with the science of modern nursing.


I found the SACRED REMEDY and that’s what I teach you in the YogaNurse Essentials Training.

As a best selling author, speaker, mentor and trainer, I’ve helped thousands of nurses and their patients to experience health, peace and wisdom.

Whether you’re working in higher education nursing colleges, looking to start your own holistic practice, provide solutions in occupational health, or improve patient care and referral rates, the YogaNurse Essentials will set you off in the right direction and you will feel the difference.

It’s absolutely my dharma (purpose) in life to serve YOU with the guidance, structure needed to create a holistic nursing career you love.


“We Cannot Change the Nursing Culture…

Without Changing the Nursing Consciousness…”


Annette Tersigni, Founder of YogaNursing. Established in 2006.


Presenting the YogaNursing Essentials eCourse
A Caring Adjunct Therapy
RN Annette Tersigni with Deepak Chopra

Nurses, you CAN rehabilitate your career, passion, energy + income by providing the YogaNurse® stress relief & wellness model of care to a massive market place.
Starting With Yourself.
Big Business and hospitals are actively hiring RN Wellness Coaches

In the last 3 years the amount spent on wellness programs almost tripled, it’s now a TRILLION DOLLAR industry!

Hospitals and companies worldwide are drowning in rising healthcare costs, because of illness, stress, accidents, absenteeism andburnout! As a result, they are losing money…and they are looking for solutions. YOU genius nurse that you are, provide the solution.


Stress is the #1 PREVENTABLE cause of disease, burnout and exhaustion

***The IOM- Institute of Medicine’s Report on the future of nursing states- “nurses, as the largest segment of the health care workforce are well- positioned to lead change and advance health”. Well being has become a huge global trend. Businesses are now realizing that taking care of their people is a great investment. Studies show that companies can SAVE $4.58 for every $1.00 they spend on wellness due to the reduced medical costs, accidents etc… “Those numbers create a phenomenal opportunity for NURSES!”


Corporate stress relief coaching is the #1 most beneficial, health trend today

Teaching Gentle, seated yoga, diaphragmatic breathing and relaxation lessons is transforming health care. I teach nurses how to become sought after ‘stress relief experts’ for high-paying corporate wellness programs in hospitals, government, conferences and business. I’ve become an expert at doing just that for the past 20 years and I’m passionate to show YOU how you can too!



“The Yoga Nurse Essentials are so informative and inspiring. The prescriptive remedies and the mantras. Love them! This training is a must for any nurse who wants the remedies for her self and for her patients.”

– Dr. Damaris Maria Grossman – DNP, RN, RYT 200, CYN (Certified Yoganurse)


the fundamental non-boring theory and fundamentals of ‘Yoga Nursing’: including the Three Part Remedy Rx— a cost effective SOLUTION to ‘depressing’ CRITICAL STRESS, ANXIETY, PAIN AND SUFFERING.


to expand your teaching vocabulary, allowing you to explain and demonstrate the essentials with confidence and safety— and have clients actually do them + love you for helping them feel wonderful.


some of your own habitual ‘body, mind and emotional baggage’ — and clear out the obstacles that are blocking the ‘flow’ of your life force and spirit, so you can come home to the heart of your nursing service.


who to and how to market the ‘essentials’ to monetize your nursing income + create right livelihood.

Start With This

You will get access to the Yoga Nursing Training Essentials eCourse.

This Training Package includes:

Premier Continuing Education for Holistic Nurses.

The program is designed to Relieve Stress for Nurses + Improve Patient Care.

10 engaging modules available on this website.

The 7 Essential seated postures, breathing + relaxation techniques.

The Sacred Remedy Rx with 12 audios + 5 videos to heal your body/mind/emotions.

Word for word transcripts of the teachings, you can teach with immediately.

Insider-tips with proven marketing materials to generate new income streams.

Done for you advertising templates, forms & letters you can use right away.

Flash Cards you can have on hand for easy access and teaching.

Access to Research on the benefits of yoga and Yoga Nursing for nurses and in patient care.

Connection to our conscious community of like minded nurses.

The revealing book by Annette Tersigni, founder of Yoga Nursing

“The Yoga Nurse’s Story: From Hollywood to Healer”.

Bonus materials and *FREE upgrades + NEW content for a life-time of learning.

Access to news and updates.

Free opportunity to earn extra cash by becoming a Yoga Nursing affiliate ambassador.

And lots of heart and support to guide you through each session!

***YogaNurse is aligned with and endorsed by the distinguished Watson Caring Science Institute. Dr. Jean Watson and Dr. Kathleen Sitzman.

Take a Sneak Peak Inside this eCourse

“The Essentials are proven, easy and anyone can do it.”

Our Yoganurse Good Karma Guarantee
We want you to have peace of mind and trust in the quality and integrity our YogaNurse® Essentials Training. Take a full 30 days to absorb our enlightening training and complete the 10 Essential Questions assignment.

If you don't realize the valuable and tangible benefits our course has on your nursing career, soul, self care, or patient care, we'll give you a full refund. We take your karma and ours to heart.

Barbara-Dossey“I bow deeply to your vision and mission for YogaNursing. As I continue the mission of caring and healing with you and others. I see, yes indeed, we are traveling in the same waters.” 

  • – Barbara Dossey, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN, HWNC-BC, internationally recognized holistic nursing pioneer, nurse theorist, and Florence Nightingale Scholar.


“Your work is fascinating and intriguing to say the least. I think it is wonderfully creative and of great service to caring, healing and health for nurses and all whom they touch.” 

  • – Jean Watson, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN Founder/Director Watson Caring Science Institute, Distinguished Professor Emerita and Nurse Theorist. 

YogaNurse is aligned with and endorsed by Watson Caring Science Institute


Benefits of the YogaNurse Model of Care
improves posture, steadiness, coordination, and balance
decreases joint and back pain
increases immunity
improves sleep and increases energy levels
decreases heart rate and increases cardiovascular efficiency
decreases respiratory rate and improves respiratory efficiency
reduces high blood pressure
improves concentration, memory and attention
decreases anxiety, internal stress and depression
improves mood and sense of well-being
decreases aggression and hostility


“Annette is the “enlightened” Florence Nightingale for today’s overworked caregivers and nurturers of wellness. She’s also a leading-edge voice for the critically needed radical transformation of our health care industry.”

– Mynde Mayfield, Breast Cancer Warrior –

decrease stress levels
decrease injuries and health problems
decrease disability and worker’s compensation cost
reduce absenteeism
in plain language, it makes employees feel GOOD!
increase productivity, motivation, and work performance
increase employee health and energy levels
improve self-confidence, morale and camaraderie among coworkers
enhance creativity and ability to concentrate
reduce employee turnover
improves morale, job satisfaction, and positive thinking patterns
creates team building through relaxation
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Train with us in person or at home

Expand your nursing education.

Become a thought leader.

No yoga experience necessary.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Yoganursing Essentials eCourse for?

Exclusively for Nurses WORLDWIDE. RNs, NPs, APRNs, of all shapes and sizes, and levels of health— who are intrigued with the bounty of uniting nursing and yoga. If you’re excited about being a nurse entrepreneur-stress relief and wellness expert earning $75-$150 per hr, or $1500 a day & more!




You are ‘into’ yoga or want to be. No matter if you have Zero experience in yoga, some yoga experience, or you are a certified yoga teacher.


You love the idea of learning from home (in your ‘jammies’) at your own pace.


You crave a visionary kind of nursing education that is not…ahem—boring… that will pull you out of a “nursing funk” and amp up your productivity & creativity.


You are a ‘newbie’ nurse who is disappointed with the real world of nursing and want to learn how to transition into the exciting new field of YogaNursing.


You are a ‘seasoned’ nurse who is ripe to take your years of expertise and dedication into a fresh area of nursing and get the appreciation you deserve.


You may already practice holistic therapies like: massage, reiki, therapeutic touch.


You are passionate about personal + spiritual development + making a difference.


You see this training offers exceptional value, compared to the price of other nursing, yoga therapy, and wellness specialty trainings that cost $5000-$10,000.

Who is this eCourse NOT for?

You cringe at the mention of the word yoga.


You cringe at the mention of the word self-care.


You don’t like stretching- your body, your mind.


You don’t like to get ‘laid back’ and rest.


You are not into holistic nursing complementary medicine.


You are satisfied with your present nursing job and salary.


You don’t believe in a power greater than you.

What are the benefits of online training?

Because my vision is to create a global army of YogaNurses, healing the world one patient & one business at a time, I wanted to find a way to package an astonishingly easy program that would deliver the care and knowledge I give in 1-on-1 mentoring.


This is what nurses want, and deserve—but that is where a 60-minute session is $200, and the YogaNursing Essentials program represents over 100 hours of my time in creation.


Now I surely couldn’t charge $20,000 for it! My mission is to help nurses and nursing, so I want to make my offer simply irresistible. Naturally, I’d definitely recommend picking up the program for its current price of $187.


Live group trainings at the Kripalu Center and other venues cost on average between $800-$1200 for the program, travel, hotels. I stand behind all my training 100% — yes, the home training IS worth it, especially if you cannot make it to meet with our team in person! PLUS, you get a tax write off, and where applicable, you get Continuing Nursing Education credits.

What is the greatest YogaNursing Career Opportunity?

The Nursing profession has reached a point of dangerous, critical stress. The YogaNurse® Model of Care was created to offer a plan for nurses, nursing and health care organizations.


The results of recent nursing surveys reveal the dangerous levels of stress that RNs live with, on the job and in their personal lives. Sleep deprivation, 12-hr shifts and longer, night shifts, poor diets, unrealistic workloads, lack of authority at the workplace and unsupportive management are just some of the key contributors to the stress being experienced by RNs today.


The changing healthcare climate today offers holistic nurses hew opportunities in health and wellness promotion, including lifestyle choices and the management of disease.


The YogaNurse® Model of Care is an innovative, cost effective adjunct therapy to offer to hospitals, businesses, and government agencies such as the VA, and in the private sector to treat pervasive stress.


The biggest trend in wellness is focused on delivering holistic based classes and seminars to businesses in STRESS RELIEF.


You have the opportunity with this training, to offer your services to hospitals, businesses, government, conferences, retreat centers, resorts, senior’s homes and make nursing + patient care better!

How does it work? How long is the Program?

This is an online eCourse, DIGITAL program. Soon as you hit the buy button and pay, you’ll get a confirmation email from us with YOUR LOG IN/MEMBERSHIP DETAILS. Easy. Then open up, get inspired and start to breathe a deep sigh of delight! It will take you 10 to 12 hours to complete…with no rush in your own time. You can start, stop and come back at your own pace to complete the training.

Can I teach the Yoganursing Essentials even if I'm not a Certified Yoganurse?

THIS IS A COMMONLY ASKED QUESTION. You can teach the ‘YogaNursing Essentials’ and I encourage you to do so. You understand per legal guidelines you can teach the YogaNursing Essentials but you cannot market/call yourself a YogaNurse® unless you become a CYN- Certified YogaNurse®. So when you market or teach, consider describing yourself as one or more of the following: fitness nurse, wellness nurse, nurse wellness educator, RN wellness specialist, holistic nurse educator, RN-stress relief educator, holistic lifestyle RN…lots of nurses who have taken the Essentials have used these terms successfully and are teaching the Sacred Remedy with integrity in the work place.


In addition you may state on your resume you have taken a training in the YogaNursing Essentials.

*You are NOT permitted to call yourself a YogaNurse®, or a Certified YogaNurse® CYN; you may NOT use any trademarked logos or YogaNurse® images which is strictly prohibited, unless you take the YogaNursing certification training. 


If you want to get certified, STEP #1 is take the Essentials home study program available here, OR one of my live trainings on site- THEN, if you fall in love with YogaNursing, you can apply for certification. Here > Become a Certified Yoganurse

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Our YogaNurse Good Karma Guarantee

We want you to have peace of mind and trust in the quality and integrity our YogaNurse® Essentials Training. Take a full 30 days to absorb our enlightening training and complete the 10 Essential Questions assignment.

If you don’t realize the valuable and tangible benefits our course has on your nursing career, soul, self care, or patient care, we’ll give you a full refund. We take your karma and ours to heart.

Terrific Testimonials from Nurses Who Have Taken the Yoganursing Essentials eCourse

YN-Logo-200pxI just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. I am half way into the yoga nurse essentials course, and this is exactly what I needed at this point in my life/ career. On one level, I am a brand new baby nurse, working hard to learn the art and science of nursing, navigating nursing culture, and living daily with a high level of SAPS, afraid that I am not measure up to my new trusted role as an RN. The other side of me knows that I am also a wise woman with a caring healing spirit who entered the field of nursing because I want to use this energy to lift up my patients and help them thrive. Yoga brings union that helps unite my new nurse experience with my inner wise woman, and the encouragement and teaching in your essentials course are helping being that path of union and healing for both of myself and others to life. Thank you for all you share! – Josie Lamb, RN

downloadRNFM RADIO The Leading Nurse Radio Platform- says,”Yoga Nursing Essentials: A Revolution in Nursing Education and Entrepreneurship.” 

12353886_1663013330623705_80427401_aI absolutely LOVED this course and I want more! I am excited to continue on with YogaNursing. I’ve noticed a dramatic change in my home yoga practice and this course has also given me the confidence/training to feel competent sharing what I learned with my family, friends, coworkers and eventually my patients. I look forward to growing with the YogaNurse Army :) -Tiffany Martin, BSN, RN  

downloadAnnette has a pretty amazing story. She went from being a Top Model to ‪Yoga‬ Instructor to ‪Nurse‬. We often call ourselves “nurse entrepreneurs” yet it is misleading. An “entrepreneur” is one who innovates, creates something new. Annette is an entrepreneur in that she combined Yoga & Nursing to create the new nursing specialty of Yoganursing. Her mission is to teach, lead nurses into this new field, to build an “army” of Yoga Nurses. In reviewing her “Yoga Nursing Essentials” home study course, she gives all that she has to give, and over delivers as a rule. I will always admire her for that. -Andrew Lopez, RN, Social Media Expert

Yasamin-BrownThere were many aspects I loved, the sutras especially, the flowing water and no obstruction and ease. The similarity you address between breath and spirit. I think it helps to assuage conflicts people have about Yoga being a religion that goes against Judeo-Christian theology. Sacred rest really helped me with my most challenging pose- savasana. Sacred breath helped me to get into my Tich Naht Hahn books on Mindfulness. Those are just the highlights off the top of my head but it’s a great movement. I’ll definitely serve as a YogaNurse “ambassador” and encourage nurses and RN students to check out the website. -Yasamin Brown, RN

marlene-feddersonYou have done amazing work for us nurses in this program…again thank you!!!! Bless you for this program! WOW!!! – Marlene Fedderson RN

download (1)You have provided nurses with a concrete program to present our clients and employers. I honor your vision and appreciate your simple yet profound teaching program. I feel confident I will be able to support clients who are interested in stress reduction and a new way of caring for themselves. I appreciate your sense of humor, heart, vision and spiritual journey! My hat is off to you…  -Linda Hullet, RN  

Astrid-CI am thrilled to be able to purchase the online Yoga Nurse Training! I’ve also begun some of the meditations and actually fell asleep because I was so relaxed NOT bored!!! I’ve also spoken to my VN school and they’d like me to begin to incorporate the Yoga Nurse program at school, not only for nursing students and staff, but also for other Allied Health students and staff…EXCITING things are about to happen!! I can feel it!! -Astrid Cooper RN

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAZSAAAAJDlhZTQyMTJmLTg3ODAtNDhlZi04ZGUxLWYyMjhhNDA4NmJiMAYoga Nurse Essentials, a new offering by Annette Tersigni, is a powerful tool for self-examination, personal growth, and self-care. Geared towards nurses interested in holistic health and the YogaNurse model, this self-paced course allows the user to learn at his or her own pace, integrating the prescribed practices in an organic, self-directed fashion. Using the printed word, video instruction and audio files, different personal learning styles are accommodated. The varied structure and format make the learning process interesting, fun, flexible and participatory, while maintaining the integrity and cohesiveness of the material. Whether you’re a nurse who currently practices yoga or a nurse who is new to holistic models of care, I highly recommend Yoga Nurse Essentials, for both personal and professional growth. -Keith Carlson, RN, BSN, Nurse, coach, blogger, Santa Fe, NM

Untitled-11I have been brainstorming for the last year on other ways I could integrate nursing and yoga. I have been meditating and praying to be shown my purpose in life. I really like my current job but feel like it is not what I am destined to do. Then, I came across your website!! I devoured the Yoga Nurse Essentials course and have sent in the application to your yoga nurse certification program. I have big dreams about doing what I love while serving and making a difference for nurses and in healthcare. Thank you for what you have created. I am feeling so inspired it is all I can think about! Blessings, -Angela Sisk, MSN, RN, OCN, Oncology Nurse Navigator
NathanI have finished the lessons and your modules. I found it very rewarding and useful for my Mental Health Nursing. I plan to implement the structure with adolescent patients in my unit during nursing educational programs. Thank you for your support in Yoga Nursing. Hope to work with you.
14 million Americans, say a doctor or therapist has recommended yoga to them.
sharon-siwiec-642-N316“I recently benefited greatly Annette’s training. I worked in Primary Care for over 30 years, and am in the process of transitioning into teaching group classes. Annette helped me to clarify my initial and long term goals, and provided valuable resources. Thanks to Annette, my goals will hopefully be realized sooner than expected.” Sharon Siwiec NP, Boston, Ma.
I took Annette’s Intro to YogaNursing training in Florida and was totally inspired. I then hired Annette for several consultations on how to position myself as a nurse entrepreneur and bring yoga therapy, stress management and back safety into my hospital and community. At the beginning of our consults, Annette told me she wanted me to rate our session between 1 and 10 and that she wanted a 10 out of 10. My rating— I said, ” How about an 11 or 12 out of 10!” Seriously. Both times Solid gold, generous, gifted advice! I’m now well on my way to living my dream. ” Lisbeth Overton RN, Eden Prairie, MN
0_0_0_0_130_136_csupload_36975483“Thank you so much, Annette, for speaking with me the other day and providing additional material. I enjoyed our conversation so much and it was also very helpful. What we discussed has caused me to rethink how to structure the business, but in a good way. You are a great coach!” Jackie Thorne RN.