CYN, Susan Turnage teaches the secrets of YogaNursing in Winston-Salem

CYN, Susan Turnage teaches the secrets of YogaNursing in Winston-Salem

After completing the Yoganursing Essentials eCourse, the next step is to become a Certified Yoganurse like RN Susan Turnage did. It opens up new, rewarding career opportunities and allows you to teach the extended in-depth program and spread the practice of YogaNursing to other nurses around the world. You can help bring peace and self-care to other nurses too.

Recently Susan Turnage, RN and qualified CYN (Certified YogaNurse) – taught the FULL YogaNursing 10 HOUR Program to 11 nurses In Winston-Salem, NC.

This is what Susan had to say about the experience.

“Last August when I helped Annette (Annette Tersigni, Founder of YogaNursing) teach the complete 10 hour Intro to YogaNursing program at UNC, Chapel Hill, I never dreamt that in 6 months I would be presenting the entire program on my own to 11 incredible nurses in Winston-Salem, NC. At UNC I was able to watch Annette inspire 50 Nurses and help them bring self care into their lives- right then! This past week-end I had the opportunity to be the first CYN to represent our tribe and bring The Sacred Remedy into their lives. It was an unforgettable experience. I am honored, exuberant and excited for the next door to open to teach again!”










If you’re interested in becoming a Certified Yoganurse, then first make sure you complete the Yoga Nursing Essentials eCourse, and then you can apply to become a Certified YogaNurse!

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