The Yoga Nursing Training Essentials

The Yoga Nursing Training Essentials

A visionary care plan for holistic nursing. An innovative + cool new style of nursing education.
Transforming health-care, self-care and wealth-care combining medical nursing with the ancient wisdom of yoga.

Module 1 Introduction to the Essentials
Unit 1 Some Legal Matters
Unit 2 A letter from Annette Tersigni, RN
Unit 3 Video: A moment for Gratitude
Unit 4 A Quick How-To Guide to Get the Best Results
Unit 5 How To Get Your Certificate
Unit 6 Purpose, Vision and Mission
Unit 7 Definition of YogaNursing
Module 2 Getting clear on your strength + passion: setting the stage for your training
Unit 1 Audio: Your Passion, Mission, Vision, Career, and Personal Life
Unit 2 Assignment: The 10 Essential Questions
Module 3 Yoga Nursing Core Principles — What you want to know + boundless benefits
Unit 1 Core Principles, Theory
Unit 2 Meet The Sutras
Unit 3 The Roots
Unit 4 Benefits of Yoga Nursing™
Module 4 The Yoga Nursing Sacred Remedy Rx
Unit 1 The ABC's
Unit 2 Uniting Medical Nursing with Yoga Therapy
Unit 3 Audio: Sacredy Remedy Rx - Introduction
Module 5 Sacred Breath: May the life source be with you
Unit 1 Video: Sacred Breath
Unit 2 Audio: Sacred Remedy Rx - Sacred Breath
Unit 3 The Science of Breath
Unit 4 Diaphragmatic Yogic Breathing
Unit 5 How Healthy Is Your Breathing?
Module 6 Sacred Movement 1: The 7 Essentials — Seated Postures
Unit 1 Video and Sacred Remedy Audio: Seated Postures
Unit 2 All postures done seated
Module 7 Sacred Movement 2: The 7 Essentials — Standing + Floor Postures
Unit 1 Audio: Sacred Movement 2: Standing and Floor Postures
Module 8 Sacred Rest
Unit 1 Sacred Remedy Audio: Sacred Rest
Unit 2 About Sacred Rest
Unit 3 Benefits Of Sacred Rest—Yoga Nidra
Module 9 Marketing 101
Unit 1 Who needs Marketing?
Unit 2 Listen to the Interviews
Unit 3 Done for You: Marketing Materials
Unit 4 The Big Three Marketing Questions
Module 10 YogaNurse's Book Bonus
Unit 1 Book: The Yoga Nurse's Story
Module 11 Resources
Unit 1 Optional Nurses + Nursing website inspiration
Unit 2 Certified Yoga Nurse®
Unit 3 Opportunities
Unit 4 The best way to end is with gratitude
Module 12 Feedback Time Your Evaluation
Unit 1 Final Steps to Get your Certificate
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