Certified YogaNurse® (CYN) Online Training

Certified YogaNurse® (CYN) Online Training

Online Training Course for Yoganursing Certification and Licensing - Certified Yoganurse® - CYN.

Module 1 Agreements + Best Practices for Success
Unit 1 Agreements
Unit 2 Best Practices + Tips to Succeed
Module 2 Your Mindset
Unit 1 As A Woman Thinketh
Unit 2 Mentors - Get Charged
Module 3 Becoming an Expert
Unit 1 Intro to Being an Expert
Unit 2 Expert Mindset- How to pick your topic and audience
Unit 3 How to Understand What Your Audience Wants & Buys
Unit 4 CYN Marketing Examples
Module 4 Webinar # 1 Foundation
Unit 1 The Foundation
Module 5 Webinar #2 Becoming Competent
Unit 1 Becoming Competent
Module 6 Webinar #3 Marketing Your Message
Unit 1 Getting Your Message Out There
Module 7 Webinar #4 Wrap Up
Unit 1 Wrap Up and Prep for Final Exam
Module 8 Study Guide + Summaries
Unit 1 Time to Study for Your Exam- Resources.
Module 9 Evaluation
Unit 1 Time for Your Evaluation

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