Annette Tersigni, RN
We Cannot Change the Nursing Culture…Without Changing the Nursing Consciousness…
Annette Tersigni
RN, Founder of YogaNurse®


My name is Annette Tersigni. (Ter-See-Knee), Founder of the YogaNurse® Model of Care.

AS an RN and yoga therapist, I teach a safe Rx to nurses, yoga teachers, and everyday people, serving experiential, feel good remedies.

I treat stress, anxiety, pain & suffering– in your body, mind, spirit and bank account.
I listen. I speak. I teach. I write. I care about…
yoga, nursing, enlightenment, entrepreneurship.

My Mission Statement, Passion + Purpose is:

To create a global army of modern nightingales, Yoga Nurses, to uplift and expand consciousness in health care; relieve stress, anxiety pain and suffering, and create health, peace and wisdom for nurses and their patients worldwide.

-Nursing is my vocation.
-Yoga is my power tool.
-YogaNursing is my legacy

Testimonials from Nurses who have taken our trainings.