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Sharing the Abundance
Fueling the Spirit

Paying out money to our affiliates is one of our favorite parts about YogaNurse. I love, love, love sharing.

I love fuelling the nurse entrepreneur spirit. I love seeing a large body of nurses- women & men harness the power of the web-economy.

If you don’t know about this huge phenomenon — read on….

The "To-Knows" Crash Course
You get an affiliate link. You paste it in emails, blog posts, on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Someone clicks on that link and comes to and buys the YogaNursing Essentials. You earn affiliate dollars. We pay you your earnings once a month through PayPal.
The affiliate offer is exclusively for members of the YogaNurse Academy. Affiliates make $70 on every sale of the YogaNursing Essentials.
Our affiliate manageress/guide will help you through all this. You get promo badges & fun ideas. Easy.

This is the beauty of web-based business & lifestyle. You have the power to be a retailer, to prosper from being internet savvy — from wherever you live.

Blog or no blog, we’re all broadcasters now.

Use your platforms, big and small, for positive change in nursing and cha-ching

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